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The Betrayal of Kent and Jo Hovind

To be delivered by Dr. Greg Dixon

One of the more dastardly sub-plots of the prosecution of Dr. and Mrs. Kent Hovind was the fact that the feds received cooperation and helpful testimony from certain members of the professing Christian community. In the spirit and tradition of Judas Iscariot these individuals were sinfully complicit in the railroading of an innocent man and his wife into the bowels of the American Gulag prison system.

At the Honor Banquet on the evening of March 28th, Dr. Greg Dixon, Pastor Emeritus of Indianapolis Baptist Temple, will deliver a message entitled The Betrayal of Kent and Jo Hovind. Dr. Dixon will pull no punches in this glaring exposition of the treacherous brand of conduct that takes place under the guise and banner of modern Christianity.


A Brief Historical Overview

During WWII a tax on the wages of the working man was adopted under the title of the “Victory Tax.” The ostensible purpose of this tax was to help finance the nation’s war effort and the public was assured that its duration would only be until the end of foreign hostile engagement. Predictably, in the aftermath of WWII the federal government sought to perpetuate the wage tax under the guise and pretense that it was an extension of the income tax. After his resignation in 1955, former IRS Commissioner T. Coleman Andrews stated that “the income tax is bad because it was conceived in class hatred. It is an instrument of vengeance and it plays right into the hands of the communists. It employs the vicious communist principle of taking from each according to their ability, and giving to each according to their need, regardless of whether that need is the result of indolence, lack of pride, self respect, personal dignity, or other attributes of worthy men.”

Our heavy, graduated, progressive income tax is the precise fulfillment of the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto and in order for an individual to file a 1040 tax return they must voluntarily waive their 4th and 5th Amendment rights to privacy and against self incrimination. In their “Confidential IRS Tax Audit Guide” the Treasury department admits that “an individual taxpayer may refuse to exhibit his books and records on the grounds that compelling him to do so might constitute a violation of his right against self incrimination under the 5th Amendment and his right to privacy under the 4th Amendment.” That same hand book declares itself to be secret in nature and stipulates that it is not to be allowed into the hands of the public. It also states in its opening pages that the income tax system “is based on individual self assessment and voluntary compliance.”

For many years concerned and patriotic Americans have understood that the income tax is both oppressive and unconstitutional. It has long been a tool of warfare against the productive class within the nation, and countless principled individuals have come to the conviction that to participate in such an institution is actually sinful. The IRS is infamous and notorious for its heavy handed and abusive tactics and it operates in flagrant violation of biblical, constitutional, and statutory law. Only through its menacing and corrupt procedures has it been able to coerce large numbers of Americans into forfeiting their sacred freedoms and liberties.

The income tax has been patriotically resisted on multiple fronts for the past several decades. Vivian Kellums was a gallant entrepreneur who fought robust and legendary battles against the criminal syndicate known as the IRS. Arthur J. Porth filed the first of what became known as 5th Amendment tax returns wherein the filer affixed his signature to the 1040 but refused to supply specific information on what could readily become a self confession sheet. Armen Condo and Irish Burton were California businessmen who founded Your Heritage Protection Association in the ‘70s and subsequently built the non-filing membership roster to more than 35,000 angry working Americans. M.J. “Red” Beckman was a rancher who became known as Montana’s Fighting Red Head as he wrote books such as Born Again Republic and Do Unto the IRS as They Would Do Unto You, and spear headed an educational campaign in the Big Sky state that for a season rendered the IRS incapable of getting a guilty jury verdict in criminal cases where the income tax was being constitutionally resisted. F. Tupper Saussy authored The Miracle on Main Street wherein he delineated the startling facts regarding constitutional money, thus inspiring tens of thousands of dedicated patriots to engage in principled resistance to corrupt officials and their abusive policies. Irwin Schiff authored numerous books such as How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Tax, The Biggest Con: How The Government is Fleecing You, The Social Security Swindle, The Great Income Tax Hoax, and The Federal Mafia, and has on three occasions been criminally prosecuted and convicted by a corrupt and heavy handed Justice Department. Most recently, he was convicted and sentenced in Las Vegas where the presiding judge waged open warfare on the rules of procedure and the prospects of the defendant receiving anything remotely approaching a fair trial. The list goes on and on of the courageous individuals who have risked their wealth, comfort, and freedom in order to be true to conscience and not participate in the very institutions that are destroying the republic.

Over the years the Justice Department of the federal government has railroaded countless resisters and dissidents through their corrupt kangaroo court system. Through a combination of ruthless intimidation as well as preying on the ignorance and gullibility of the general public, the Feds have been able to achieve a great many criminal convictions in trials involving those who have mounted principled and courageous opposition to the Marxist income tax. Federal judges have played primary roles in the gross miscarriages of justice that have ensued in these tragic circumstances. In the vast majority of cases, the controlled media has played a crucial role in demonizing and slandering the defendants that have tried to demand their God-given rights. Despite such daunting opposition from the thugs and criminals within government, an ongoing procession of heroic individuals have waged heart warming struggles in defense of constitutional liberty. Though they have often been stripped of their rights, property, and dignity, these stalwart individuals have refused to surrender without a fight.

In recent years Pensacola, Florida has been the location of several high profile prosecutions against modern patriotic champions of freedom. Two individuals specifically have stood courageously in the gap against tyrannical governmental activity and, because of their unflinching stance for constitutional liberty, they have been subjected to disgusting violations of their basic rights as native born Americans.

Dr. Kent Hovind is the founder of Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur Adventure Land in Pensacola. He is unequalled in his highly effective efforts to fight against the insidious lies that collectively comprise the preposterous fairy tale known as evolution. Dr. Hovind has travelled the world in his energetic defense of the Biblical creation message and has been instrumental in liberating untold numbers of men, women, and children from the bondage that derives from believing in the evolution myth. On numerous occasions Dr. Hovind has ventured onto the campus of major universities where he has proceeded to debate haughty and arrogant science professors. In all these situations this Christian servant has left the hapless defenders of evolution grasping at straws as they are systematically shown to be in the unenviable position of trying to argue a position that is totally devoid of evidence.

Over the years that he has conducted his evangelistic ministry, Dr. Hovind has sought to order and structure his affairs in a proper and Biblical manner. Unlike the vast majority of modern churches and Christian ministries, he has refused to petition the federal government for a corporate charter known as 501:C3 tax exempt status. He has also been unwilling to allow the offices of the state to grant his ministries sanction through the mechanisms of licenses, building permits, etc. Due to this rigid stance, Dr. Hovind has long been in the cross hairs of those who have wanted to both silence his powerful testimony, as well as make a chilling example of him in order to frighten others into submission.

In a shameful display of brutal criminality, Dr. Hovind and his lovingly supportive wife have been run roughshod over by the local hired guns of the federal government and their assorted lackey accomplices. The Hovinds were maliciously and erroneously branded as "criminals" and “tax cheats” by a government and media combination that successfully empanelled a jury sufficiently brainwashed to the point of being incapable of sorting out fact from fiction. Not surprisingly, the ignorant jury succumbed to the illicit tactics of the prosecution and returned guilty verdicts. Needless to say, through the employment of a variety of unscrupulous tactics, the tag team of judge and prosecutor prevented the defense from being able to accurately and thoroughly present its case to the jury. Indeed…the fix was in from the very outset of this mockery of justice called a trial. In the tradition of Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, and the People’s Republic of China, our federal government routinely engages in acts of selective prosecution wherein the figurative deck is totally stacked against the overwhelmed defendant who has been singled out to be made an example of.

After cajoling and manipulating the desired “guilty verdict” from the compliant and malleable jury, the government proceeded to impose a monstrously draconian sentence upon Dr. Hovind. His alleged misdeeds, were they even truly criminal in nature, would pale into utter insignificance compared to the genuine corruption and criminality of those officials daring to sit in judgment of him. Incredibly, Judge Casey Rogers levied a ten year prison sentence against a righteous servant of the living God! In consideration of the fact that God severely warns the wicked to “touch not” his anointed, it is frightening to contemplate the divine wrath that may ultimately await all who have had a hand in the persecution, false witness toward, and outright manhandling of God’s stalwart servant Kent Hovind! Since the stain on the calendar that marks the date of his illicit conviction in the local federal star chamber, Dr. Hovind’s creation science theme park has had a cloud of doubt and uncertainty hanging over it due to the government’s stated intent to seize the real estate that comprises the physical facility. Dinosaur Adventure Land is a genuine oasis of gospel truth and righteousness situated in the midst of a corrupt and decadent community. Large numbers of impressionable children have been powerfully exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ due to the brilliance, vision, and passionate energy of Kent Hovind, his family and a dedicated staff. Jesus makes it very clear that those who would bring harm and injury upon little ones have a special measure of wrath and condemnation reserved for them. Once again…we tremble at the thought of what manner of divine judgment awaits those who have tormented Dr. Hovind and his loving family.

Approximately one year before the U.S. Attorney’s office swooped down on Mr. and Mrs. Hovind, another odious miscarriage of justice was carried out in the Federal courthouse in downtown Pensacola. In this prosecution, another exemplary trench fighter in the battle for liberty was put through the meat grinder of injustice. Dr. Ward Dean, a former Delta Force flight surgeon, successful practitioner of medical healing, author, activist, and tireless advocate of limited constitutional government was also victimized by the lying, cheating, and thieving rogue representatives of Washington D.C. that call Pensacola home.

Whereas the Hovinds had been sullied with a barrage of charges relating to the manner in which they had processed and handled the monetary affairs of the Creation Science Evangelism ministry, Dr. Dean’s case was more simple and straight forward. The government claimed that he had earned sufficient revenues to require him to file tax returns and pay income taxes. He, on the other hand, asserted that there was no law requiring his participation in the income tax system and went to great scholarly lengths to provide an evidentiary foundation in support of his premise. What Dr. Dean was prevented from telling the jury was that sincere and highly educated parties who shared his knowledgeable perspective had run a series of full page ads in USA Today offering $50,000.00 to anyone who could produce such a law. Incredibly…not only was no one able to claim the reward, but three IRS agents wound up joining the patriot ranks upon realizing that they were employed in what amounted to a huge criminal enterprise.

Dr. Ward Dean is a man of gifted intellect who has poured massive amounts of time and energy into his quest for truth and knowledge. Over the years he has been indefatigable in his penchant to expose others to the vital truths concerning the manner in which our nation has been subverted and taken over from within by wicked and immoral forces and personages. Like Dr. Hovind, Dr. Dean was victimized by a preposterously excessive and illegal sentence. He currently languishes in the Federal prison system where he serves a totally unjust sentence that has been imposed upon him by those who are the perfect embodiment of corrupt and abusive power brokers.

The Honor Banquet is being held to make the crystal clear statement that Dr. Kent Hovind and his wife, and Dr.Ward Dean are modern patriotic heroes of the highest order. They are paying a dear price for the resolute stand they have taken and we want them to know what an inspiration and sterling example they are. Through their sacrifices and hardships they are a living, breathing testimony to the fact that truth must be validated and defended at any cost. Our founding fathers fully understood this truth and we can only hope that God will raise up more champions of freedom like the Hovinds and Dr. Dean in the days ahead.








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